Korea Museum Week kicks off, brings sustainability, well-being together

등록일 2023.05.09

Korea Museum Week kicks off, brings sustainability, well-being together

Kim Kyeong-hee (right), senior curator at Whanki Museum, explains the representative works of Kim Whanki at the Korea Museum Week's press conference on Tuesday. (Korea Museum Week)

Korea Museum Week kicked off Wednesday with 280 museums and art galleries nationwide participating in the event that runs through May 28.

"Korea has hosted Museum Week since 2012 in celebration of International Museum Day, May 18," said Kim Yong-sam, CEO of the National Museum Foundation of Korea, at a press conference held at Whanki Museum in Seoul, Tuesday.

More than 600 events and festivals have been prepared for this year's edition, which Kim noted as a major accomplishment compared a decade ago when the event started out with 83 programs.

Hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the International Council of Museums' (ICOM) Korean committee, Korea Museum Week is being held under the theme "Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing."

Seventeen museums are focusing primarily on the themes of people's everyday challenges concerning the environment, such as waste and pollution. Exhibitions in those museums transform those issues into art, raising the viewers' awareness and informing them of future impact, according to the organizers.

Global health and well-being are the concerns of some 19 museums, which suggest ways to improve mental health of people of all ages.

Fabien Yoon, a model, TV host and honorary ambassador of Korea Museum Week, shared his excitement about getting involved in programs that are also made accessible to people with disabilities.

"I recently took part in assisting visually handicapped participants to experience the exhibition at the Whanki Museum," Yoon said.

"I was impressed by the amazing creativity of each participant, as they drew their own impressions of the artist’s works on canvas. Their works are also part of the exhibition for the museum-goers to view."

Aside from exhibition viewings, the Korea Museum Week hosts a variety of events including art experience workshops, stamp tours, performances and lectures, as well as online events.

Details of exhibitions and events are available at the Korea Museum Week’s official website.

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